Bitcoin exchanges are under attack (updated)

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It’s not been unusual from time to time to hear about a bitcoin exchange being under DDoS attack here and there, but over the past few weeks, it seems many exchanges have come under attack.

There seems to be some coordinated effort to attack bitcoin exchanges, knocking many offline, with a few over just the past 24-48 hours.

We’ve heard of the bigger exchanges falling victim to attacks like this in the past, such as Kraken and OKCoin. There other ones that are happening too. Some are for ransom, some aren’t saying why exactly, they just say it’s a DDoS attack. Maybe the attackers if successful move on to extort the exchanges, but the motives aren’t completely clear. However, something is happening and bitcoin exchanges are the target.

Yesterday BitBargain was under attack. Today Bitcoin Thailand and The Rock Trading:

Update November 24: Add Kraken and Cryptsy to the list but this time for extortion.

Update December 8: Add BTC-e to the list of exchanges getting DDoS’d

Update December 31: BTCC is now getting DDoS’d. It turns out they were being extorted too

Update January 2016: Bitstamp is currently being DDoS’d

Update January 15: Coinbase is currently being DDoS’d (after announcing support of Bitcoin Classic…)

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